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Women; something you can study your entire life and still have no clue whats going on behind closed doors. Ya Ya so every guy has his beliefs his theories but when it really comes down to it, no guy really understands them fully. I don’t even believe that women understand women. All my friends are single for the most part and like most other men, women are top priority. I recently tried to commit to celibacy, but after about three weeks I couldn’t hold it anymore. I’d tell my friends about it and they’d laugh thinking I couldn’t get laid, but that has never been the case if you have read my previous stories here. So they’d ask me why? And the only reason was so that I could clear my mind, rid my mind of all the sexual thoughts a man gets on a daily basis and really concentrate on becoming successful. This is a great point( I know) and some men can do it but, i’m just not one of them. I don’t need too much sex in my life, i’d say two to three times a week would be enough for me ; but iv’e realized that in order to live a healthy life you need sex period. Plain and simple it is something that you need to survive, I know some guys that would go out every single night trying to get laid. But obviously as we’ve heard a million times over everything in moderation. I go out twice a week, Thursday nights(ladies night) and Saturday nights(everyone’s night). I’ll be completely honest every conversation is pretty much the same. Where are you from, whats your nationality, how old are you(like it matters) blah blah blah. You must understand that women are very sophisticated, and what you believe will work on every woman won’t.  Okay, so obviously most woman will say their going out to “dance” or have “fun with their girlfriends” but if that right guy with the right amount of charm, and finesse(or whatever you think it takes to pick her up) walks up to her then she’s excused from her friends to leave with you. Although this is one hell of a mission it is doable. Like wolf packs they rarely allow a wolf to wonder alone without believing that it is a 100% the right guy. Their are all these techniques out their that are “proven” and the one I have come to believe in the most is ya, just be your self. Loosen up,  if she doesn’t want to sleep with you then just tell her to enjoy sleeping with her teddy bear and move on, their are a million other woman that would. “Woman are like a roller coaster they have their dramatic ups and dramatic downs so you must know when to hold on tight and when you can let loose, so lets all just try to enjoy the roller coaster”-me

Back at it- Topic of masturbation, ya.

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Well I’m back here again, I started talking about many weird things that interested me and honestly it really kept me busy during class. Then I graduated and I stopped writing. I thought to myself why would I stop writing if I have many more interests and am very interesting. I’m hoping to receive some positive feedback from everyone Like I have been so far(chinese bow).  So I’m going to dive right into something I find interesting for a very long time as I am sure that everyone else has too….Masturbation. Yes Yes Yes I said it oh my g-d you might be shocked! It’s the thing that no one speaks of. The uprising of the vast porn industry and the place were most porn lives nowadays and will always live, the internet. Recently a friend of mine told me he had this really awkward conversation about masturbation with his parents and the very first thing I asked before he even started was please tell me how this topic even came to be with both of your parents?! Apparently someone in the family brought it up. He has a very open relationship with them so he admitly told his mother yes, I do it. I jerk off whats wrong with that? She began to get a lil angry saying how he’s disgusting how could he be doing such a thing that back in their times no one ever did that and that his father never ever did that yada yada yada. Sitting for dinner we both agreed that theirs no way in hell a man has never played with himself before. Since the beginning of time when the cavemen were hopping around wondering what the fuck everything was they held their penis’s in their hands and started playing; when they saw what happened and wahllla masturbating was born. To make it greater his dad later went to his room and told him I really never used to do it, as if it was something that was really wrong. I know that their aren’t many homes that are open like my friends and Im thankful for that because that must have been a very very very awkward conversation. What baffles me is that a man can have sexy twenty thirty times in a day and he feels such relief  the woman as well obviously, and come the next day you are just as horny if not hornier! ready for round two weather it be with her or another. Women on the other hand can honestly go without it and I believe it because I’ve spoken to many women about it. And I’ll tell you one thing alright it’s not the same with the human touch, emotion and some good music, sweat, moans. But at the end of the day women have us beat, what can I tell you my right hand does a good enough job but when was the last time you got into bed with a woman and she only gave you a hand job and you were satisfied?! I don’t care if she’s three time hand job champion of the world . They have us beat because they have dildos that look and feel pretty fuckin real and I think this may be a huge  factor. Many women play with themselves and almost none will admit it, why? Well obviously because its not socially acceptable. Also because if a woman tells you she plays with herself you may think oh man she’s is suck a freak, when really it may very well be the opposite or you might be right you never know. And Ok Ok for all the guys out their thinking oh well their are simulated vaginas… common, me personally I wouldn’t fuck a can with a silicone vagina in it. I’m always wondering why before I get into action, turn on the computer get everything set up I’m all excited like I’m about to jerk off, oh wait….And then like 2 min. go by I’m done and I feel so disgusted with myself. I’m holding my hand looking at it as if I just killed someone and I have blood on my hands…like OH g-d what have I done ahhh. It’s just that feeling of animality, why, why couldn’t I just hold myself till I did it with a hottie. Once in a while, alright. But it isn’t supposed to turn into a habit and for many it has. Don’t get me wrong I have sex i’d say twice a week and still. I think as humans we should just be more open, ladies give that next guy who walks up to you a shot instead of blowing him off immediately  and then going home and running to your vibrator. Imagine you couldn’t masturbate,  you couldn’t have an orgasim come nothing at all, what do you think would happen then? Ahhh fuck ya that’s what I’m talking about. Well, unfortunately we’re stuck in a world were their is.  Anyone has that easy way out, And it shouldn’t be that way! Get out their engage in conversations with someone who looks interesting to you and you might find you have many common interests* Pun Intended.

Smoking weed and women

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So back when I would smoke every single day including holidays, everything tied to women was easier. First of all anxiety went right out the window, you don’t care what you say when you’re stoned out of your mind. If it’s on your mind you’re going to share and many times it’s probably the dumbest shit ever, and it’s hilarious because hey you’re high! Back then I’d meet a girl and the first thing i’d ask was, do you smoke? Most times it was yes and the next thing you knew we were bonding over a joint. It was an activity, something you both had in common and it made for an event. You can’t sit in your car parked by a lake and just listen to music without smoking some weed because then what the hell are you doing. For me smoking would make everything just a bit more interesting and exciting, and I could bare the nonsense that many times came out of girls mouths. I don’t exactly know what it was that made things more vibrant  but it was there. Then you quit smoking and you meet the alcoholics who instead of going to smoke a joint will tell you lets go for a drink which ends up being a 300 dollar bar tab. You’re thinking alright so she doesn’t smoke but now I have to drink my face off? It’s as if people lost the fun without some substance. Smoking also gave for a reason to meet up for women that in their mind wasn’t sexual. But we all know what’s happening after that joint is done. Nowadays I invite a girl over to come watch a movie and their immediate reaction is a movie? really? If I never smoked I probably wouldn’t have hung out and eventually banged half the girls I did. Why it’s this way well I wish I knew the full answer. The more weed you had to smoke the cooler you were. My new opinion is that if you’re the coolest guy sober guy in the room you’ve mastered the art. And what art is that?…I’ll let you figure it out.


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Friendship. It’s not easy to come by a good friend. If you value friendship the way I do you’ll notice that many people don’t. No matter how you met, friendship is something that should be cherished just as much as your wife or girlfriend. Many people take friendship for granted, what they don’t realize is that there are so many people that wish they had a good friend but don’t have anyone. In my case I only have as many good friends as I do fingers. It’s also a huge misconception that you can only have good friends that you grew up with. A good friend can come at any age. People are scared of new friends because letting someone new into your life is not the easiest thing for some. I encourage new friendships because as you grow and your interests/beliefs change you will meet new people that have the same interests/beliefs. If you’ve had a best friend for some time, girlfriend or wife you have come to the conclusion that no two people on this earth will agree on everything and its irrational to believe otherwise. But, many times my friend’s have guided me and made me see things that I couldn’t. Friends will drag you to places you never imagined you’d go and then suddenly your’e there and you think to yourself wow I’m actually enjoying this . Then theres those friendships we know aren’t beneficial whatsoever but we still stick around because at the end of the day the person isn’t a bad person there just fucked up in the head so out of the kindness of my heart I try to help(druggies for instance). Many times when a friend does you a favor theres no better feeling then knowing that someone out there cares enough to go out of there way to do something kind for you. Who can you go to for advice in times of tribulation, your priest or rabbi? Uhh Ya. You can’t ever take a friend for granted and think your’e cooler then anyone. Be open to new people and you’ll see that they may have a lot to offer.


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Music plays a huge role in every single persons life. Wether you know it or not your mood is very much controlled by what music you listen to. Almost everywhere you go you’ll find it. You walk into a doctors office, elevator, casino, gym, even clubs. It gets in our bones and makes us want to jump, scream, dance. It is expressions, tales, lessons in life and the truth of life. Music can change your life in many ways. You can be in the worst mood ever and play a favorite song and abracadabra! Magic. Something about silence that people aren’t comfortable with. Music dates back to 1723, I would have loved to party with those guys. It’s simple everything is more fun with music. For instance working out with music. It pumps me up and many times gives me that movie feel. The other day I was playing ping when my friend asked me if I wanted to put some music on, I said why not. Something in the music gave me a boost and did the opposite for him. Many parents don’t understand how their kids do homework with rock n’ roll on or electronic music, But a recent study concluded that no matter what type of music you listen to, the music you love most is the music you concentrate best with. It was often assumed that you needed to listen to library music like Beethoven to really get into concentration mode but it’s false. In every single movie what gives you that feeling of fear, suspense, happiness, sadness is all the music that’s chosen. A phrase I love “life is a movie without the background music.”  Wouldn’t it be awesome after closing a business deal or acing that project, to walk out and have some heavy rock n’roll playing in the background. Sex, oh sex. Well if you’ve been on my site before you know I’m a big fan. There are a few types of moods during sex you can have and music will set them. Picture sex to R&B, Motown, Rock, House, Hip Hop, even Country damnit I’m sure someone out there does it. In movies most times they’ll play R&B and Motown something like Marvin Gaye- Lets get it on and I don’t blame them it gives that sexy romantic feeling(plus the title of the song says it all). Music will amplify  any situation and should be enjoyed everywhere and anywhere possible, responsibly. Batteries sold separately.




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So everyone thinks it’s the hottest where they live…little do they know. Just a few temperatures around America.



Phoenix, Arizona- 111 ˚F with 40% humidity

Death Valley, California- 127 ˚F with 19% humidity

Las Vegas, Nevada- 113 ˚F with 20% humidity

Tucson, Arizona- 104 ˚F with 55% humidity

Miami, Florida- 88 ˚F with 90% humidity


Why the left has it all wrong

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Why is our government so keen on going after its own people? It seems every day I hear about a new tax or some ridiculous regulation making it harder for new businesses and prosperity to thrive. The left is focused on social justice, they want to take the existing pie too and redistribute it. These people have no interest in finding ways to bring people out of poverty and into the middle class. They are determined to punish success to fundamentally change this great country: from opportunity to welfare. First they will go after religion and most of you would wonder why, as you should. Religion, regardless of which one you practice, was a core piece in the creation of our beloved constitution. A fact remains, as our Declaration of Independence states ” We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights, among these rights are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, that to secure these rights governments are instituted among men.” Why is this relevant?  People on the left are so determined to take g-d (our creator) out of the picture, they want you and I to believe that our rights or lives were not a g-d-given right. They want us to believe that government is the reason you have food on the table, clothing on your back, healthcare. It doesn’t matter whether you believe in g-d or not, what matters is that our very freedom comes from the essence that our rights were not given as a gift from king nor government, that we were born with these rights, and government is a necessary evil to protect our rights. Which leads us to the fundamental argument: What role do you believe government should play in our lives?-Dan’s Guest Writer

Today’s funniest Tweets

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Every nigga a gangster until he walk through a spider web.— Katt WilIiams


Some people might as well post ‘Wants Attention’ as their Facebook status. — Will Ferrell


I saw a fat lady with a “M.O.B.” tattoo on her arm. I asked “money over b*tches?” She said “No, McDonalds over Burger King. — Martin Lawrence ®


I wish Google maps had an “Avoid Ghetto” route option— Vince Vaughn




Got Talent?

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Talent- A special natural ability or aptitude. So there are two sides to the coin. Talent, are you born with it or can you also acquire it? Well, why not both. Firstly, being talented is something that many of us don’t even see in ourselves because we think that it’s easy or that it’s  just how everyone does it. It’s often hard to see your talents until someone points them out to you, and still then it’s hard for us to accept. You can be born with a million talents but how do you know what they are? I would say you try everything that interests you even if at first it may seem foolish. Like said earlier talent is also your capability and ability (aptitude) to advance in whatever it is you want to have talent in. When people say he was born with it, no it doesn’t mean Michael Jordan came out of his moms vagina tongue out, dunking on the doctor with a paper ball. It simply means that at a young age he had talent that he discovered, and he developed it. If your talented in something wether you want to make it a career is a personal decision. Just because you don’t want to make money from it doesn’t mean you should let it go. I can speak on behalf of everyone on earth when I say that doing something your talented in is always fun. Got Talent? GO GET MORE OF IT.

No More Mr. Nice Guy

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Nowadays in business being nice won’t get you too far. You have to be a shark and in order to do so, your emotions must be thrown out the window. Become a beast and think only of the target at hand, that is to make as much money as possible as fast as possible. I’m not saying go out stealing social securities, but know that in order to move up the food chain sacrifices have to be made. You will learn most about yourself when you are in the lowest of lows and when you are in the highest of highs but in business it is all about controlling these feelings. Be rational, patient and aggressive. Think of making money as a game, what game did you ever play in which you didn’t want to beat everyone and come in first. That same ambition, and flame should fire you up everyday to think of new ideas, new ways to beat everyone. Be aware that you will have to knock opponents out and you will not always be perceived as “The nice guy”. Of course it may not feel good at times but do you want to be saying that could have been me? Kill or be killed. Theres a great saying, Hope for the best prepare for the worst. Money is a game and if you don’t have the balls to play the game, then good luck making it. So Let’s play then shall we?

Some of the best Oldies Rock n’ Roll

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Crosstown traffic jimi Hendrix 

Under my thumb the Rolling Stones 

Hear my train a comin by Jimi Hendrix

Hotel California by Eagles acoustic 

Miss you Rolling Stones

Time of the season by The Zombies 

Whole lotta love by Led Zeppelin 

All you need is love by Beatles

One of these nights by Eagles 

Free bird by Lynard Skynard

No way by David Gilmour 

Brown eyed girl by Van Morrison 

Cry baby cry by Beatles

Swingtown by Steve miller band 

Evil ways by Santana

So you want to be a PLAYER

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So your like me and at a young age some girl showed you that it isn’t all chocolates and roses. Took your heart out and put it in a paper bag. That’s when I realized that I had to become THE man, the ladies man, the hottest thing on the market, something undeniable irresistible. Maybe you just never wanted to be serious or maybe you had a girlfriend early and realized it wasn’t for you. Whatever it was that lead you to becoming a player you where given the title because you earned it. A player is someone who has excelled beyond the norm in multiple fields with women. Not only has a player been with many women but he has mastered the art of love. A player has to be a great actor. Although some women know that you are only having sex with them they’d like to believe otherwise, and this is where the acting comes to play. You want to be a player you have to learn how to play. They want to feel good about you and know that you might actually be with them “one day”. If your going to pick anything up from this article guys it’s that women love to hear* affection. They want to hear those corny cheesy bologne lines that make them feel like their in the notebook. The second greatest tool a player has is to, deny deny deny. If your a true player there are always going to be stories some true some rumors going around about you, and you are going to be asked about them. So you do what you must do and deny, because if you don’t…well Im sure your imagination can create something. Another substantial thing is  customer service. You may be with another “client” but your other girls want to talk to you and see how your doing. Be smooth about it and learn to reply in a timely fashion, too much texting is sketchy to the one your with but too little is sketchy to the girl your’e texting. When I was around 18 I had two main girls that I was talking to and in my mind it was perfect because although they went to the same school they were arch rivals. So I thought it would be a smooth sail through the harbor, boy did I get fucked. They got the word that I was talking to both of them and what did I do? denied denied denied. But it’s difficult to deny when there is proof on the table. The enemies decided to team up against me, the true enemy. They showed each other the text that I was sending them and the war was over. But, although the war was over it was not fully lost, I still managed to keep one of them. This guys is a prime example of how easily word gets around so you have to stay on top of your game at all times and at all costs. People assume that being a player is a bad thing. Whats wrong with being in demand by many women? In my opinion it’s a gift. So if you were giving the gift or developed the gift then use the power wisely and remember to always keep the gift wrapped.

Technology Screwed Us all

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Ok so Technology has changed the world we live in drastically good and bad, In my opinion mostly for the bad. Cell phones and internet, oh how many things have gone out the window with them. Ever been hanging out with friends and for one second the conversation dies out? Everyone pulls out their cell phones in lightening speed and suddenly it’s as if the apocalypse has come. It’s the safe place we go when we’re bored in any situation. You go to a club and it looks like a bunch of aliens trying to link to the mothership. Your’e at a club enjoying the moment, dancing at 1 a.m. with a bunch of new people you have an opportunity to meet but your’e on your phone talking to all your friends that aren’t with you? Your’e drunk and what do you do instead of unleash your horniness(if that’s a word) on someone new you text your x-girlfriend/boyfriend. Theirs even an application that will lock your contacts with some smart pre-planning to prevent you from dunk dialing X’s. You know that night you were just going to have a “few” drinks; it will transfer you to a  toll-free number and  you will receive a message reminding you of your wise pre-planning  . Text Text Text. We have forgotten completely what it’s like to call someone, hear their voice and actually say oh my g-d or  laugh out loud. When was the last time you called a new person you just met? Thought so. Try it, you’ll find that people prefer it and you’ll leave a bolder impression. Meeting someone and asking them on a date? Extinct. I will see multiple pictures of you first lying on the beach half naked, read all your specifications, hobbies, and income and then i’ll decide if i’d like to try you out. As if your purchasing something online or reading up on a new car. And then after you know everything down to their toothpaste and toilet paper brands what else is left to talk about? Maybe Life was a tad simpler once? I think so but oh well, too late now we’re screwed.


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Just a few great Dub/Trap Songs you’ll enjoy!


EDM Death Machine by Knife Party

Sub Antix & Phantasma by Radical

Smash it up by Brillz

Groove by Oiki

I run this by Luminox

Dum Dum by Baauer

All Deez by Buku

Unison by Porter Robinson(Knife Party Remix)

One Click Headshot by Feed Me

David Heartbreak by Dave’s Diner

Fire Alarm by Noah D.

Heavyweight by Megalodon

Power Glove by Knife Party

Make it bun dem (brodinski remix) by Skrillex & Damian “Jr.gong” Marley