Yes, it is my favorite topic. It fascinates me how many factors go into it maybe that’s why. I wonder what makes sex so great that most people can’t live without it. Personally I can’t live without out it and I’m starting to think I might be addicted. It is safe to say my life revolves around it. But, I am almost 100 percent sure I’m not the only one. Let’s face it, it is one of the greatest pleasures on earth. But unfortunately we aren’t like animals that have sex without saying a word, unfortunately. Ya so many women might think guys who want to have as much sex as possible with different woman are disgusting and vice versa, but what’s wrong with wanting to enjoy such a great pleasure. Then when the time comes, be ready to settle with one woman or man, with no regrets for the rest of your life. I think many marriages get broken up because the man or woman hasn’t experienced enough sexually before getting married and then the desire hits them and they burst. So many people see sex as a bad thing because you have to have it with that one person you love, common. For those who do ok I get it, but you have or are missing out. So guys, you go out and hit on what is to you the most attractive woman you have seen so far (which is every guys biggest fear, and I tell you after hitting on 100’s of women it never gets easy) and you’re talking everything is great. Let’s face it, again; unfortunately it isn’t as easy as movies portray to take a woman home the same night. Obviously for woman it’s much easier because they can just say hi to any guy they want and go home with them but, most won’t do that because of their egos. I am so sure that many gorgeous gorgeous woman go out an entire night and get hit on maybe once or twice because they are so intimidating. And that guy who did was probably drunk and made a fool of himself. Now, the chance of you getting that girls number isn’t so bad if you play your cards right. What it comes down to nowadays (most of the time) is how you sound through text messages that will determine if you ever see her again. Now, I am not exactly sure what in a split second after replying to your text and maybe even getting into a small normal conversation makes a girl change her mind and stop texting completely; but it has happened to my friends and I so many times it’s something that should be have it’s own study. For myself, the chances of getting a woman to come home with me aren’t that great and I believe I am with a very large percentage, but getting a woman’s real number with her interests is what I do best. I am happier with that than I am a one night stand because if I do have sex with her than it most of the times lead to a sex relationship. I don’t know how interesting my life is or how much you want to read about my thoughts and journeys but I’ll keep on going in hopes you keep on reading. I have never had a girlfriend in my entire life. This has led to many thoughts by family and friends, but I would rather not lie or cheat on any girl and be straightforward with them about sex. We are not going to date and do lovey dovy things like have romantic dinners and cuddle or talk about life till the sun comes up, we are just going to have sex all the time. I don’t think anythings wrong with that and till now none of the girls i’ve been with have as well. When they start to talk about feelings and such I let them know that it isn’t going to be what they might hope for. Some stay, some don’t but at the end of the day that makes me feel good because of all the assholes out there that date woman lie to them cheat on them only to have a steady sex partner. I do believe that every decent looking guy out there has the potential (without money) to get any girl with any status. You always see a decent looking guy(even ugly sometimes) walking around without a model and immediately think oh, he has money, and although it may be true it might also be that he is charming, funny, honest and a million other things that attracts one sex to another. What does good sex have to do with money. I want people to get out there an not be so anal about sex (maybe even try anal I don’t know)! Women, If a guy tries to talk to you or “hit on you” and you don’t feel like talking to him then you can do it politely, so many times I have walked up to woman very politely and (I guess their life must be miserable) some of the reactions I’ve gotten, holy shit. Men I know it’s not easy, but if you see that one that attracts you even if you walk up to her and suddenly you speak like yoda “hi dan my name is” or blurt something out in a made up language you will feel better about doing it as appose to not going and never seeing her in your life again(has happened to very guy in this world). People lets enjoy one of the, if not the greatest pleasure on Earth, SEX.


Texting brings in such a new era that never was before. It started with only phone calls then beepers and now barely anyone talks on the phone anymore. Many people don’t even feel comfortable speaking on the phone anymore. When it comes to texting I know many people that are totally different people, I try to understand why and can kind of understand it because it’s as if you where writing an article when you write anything it’s going to come out different than when you speak it. I have a friend I’ll call and he will never answer but, the second it stops ringing he’ll text you but will still never call you back. Yes weird, very. Another girl I’m having sex with right now is the biggest freak over text, she’ll say anything and then in person she’s completely different. So I guess I know she’s thinking it but can’t say it, yes weird, very. When it comes to relationships and women, texting plays a huge role, many men don’t even like to text women they have just met because it changes everything. When you’re speaking on the phone with anyone they can’t just hang up in the middle of something you just said but, when you’re texting and you say something the other person doesn’t like or isn’t interested in or is boring then the person can just stop texting you and then you’re there stuck thinking what the fuck! Especially now a days you know that the other person saw the text because we’re stuck to our phones 24/7. (This article is actually me speaking not typing) When you message someone on iMessage or an app like whatsapp you can see that the person is typing or not, it’s the greatest thing ever many times I find myself typing and in the middle I will see the other person starts typing as well, so I immediately think what do I do? Do I delete what I’m saying and let the person speak? Or do I just send it and say the first thing, many times I also see the other person deleted their message and sometimes it goes back and forth. I believe that texting is more comfortable for many people because they can actually think what they’re going to say and edit it rather than speaking on the phone when mainly you’ll say the first thing that’s on your mind. I’d say that maybe 80% of the women that I end up meeting up with has been through the phone texting and only when they’re on the way do we speak on the phone, yes weird, very. It is definitely awkward but at the same time way to convenient to ever change. Everyone has their own preference but I’ll tell you this much, please guys or girls don’t propose over the phone or break up with your spouse over the phone, oh ya and phone sex through text is technically still “phone” sex but I don’t know how that’s really supposed to work out. Some things are meant to be done in person. Like fucking 😉

Music and Sex.

If you have to wonder why I write about sex so much well, go have it and come back. Music is a huge roll in everything we do in life. Movies is the perfect example, I’ve never done it but I can imagine watching a movie without music would kind of suck. And then if life had the perfect music playing at every moment that also kind of be awesome. So sex, maybe you don’t like to listen to music when you have sex or maybe you must. Than what sex music do you listen to? Hmmm. It’s difficult because every girl you are with has a different personality and different preference when it comes to music. And for couples I’m sure many of them really want to have that romantic moment which I’ve never had just thinking about it makes me want to barf. But to each it’s own. If I had to take a wild guess I’d say that music wouldn’t even be in the background to most the times people have sex. It would have to movies or pretty much anything that’s on TV. We all know why. and if you don’t put the TV on in the dark on a bed preferably and have your woman or man start playing with you, thats why. In my opinion I’d firstly rule country music out of sex music for me. I would say Hip hop or rap because of the beats but something about a man rapping doesn’t sit well with me while my dick is out. So I would have to go with House, Techno or any electronic. If you’re both into rock n roll two words do that. To sum it up, if you haven’t sex with music you must, if you have you must take into consideration the moment, the person and the mood you are trying to set. Post sex music? Anything chill ;P

Will men really ever understand the “WOMAN”

No. Never. We just won’t. Even Freud got stuck with this one. Why? Because women act in so many different ways and do so many different things that I would say sometimes, but every time we’re think what the fuck. Today more than ever. You can get very close to understanding a woman but you’ll never quite be there all the way. When it comes to my relationship with women I’ll admit I’m a piece of shit, maybe that’s before the sex. I meet most of the women I have sex with in the nightclubs. I’ve never been good with first night but I get the phone number we hang out and things happen. I try not to go on dates before I have sex with the girl but let’s face it, it has to be done. The most comfortable though is to have her come over hang out music, movie, sex etc. But when you do hangout that first time somewhere I’d say a 100% of men have only one thing on their mind, and it’s not what an amazing personality she has. And woman aren’t stupid, they know that and we know that many times their thinking the same. But what happens many times is that the guy makes it show too much and women want it be a subtle as possible. Do women want to be taken out that fancy dinner the first time maybe many of them do, but what drives any human being crazy is when they don’t get what they’re used to or what they want. Drinks is what I do if i fucking have to uch. Such a hassle, I think that it would be so much nicer and relieving for both people to get know each other after they have had sex. (hope none of my future dates know about my site). Then men are barraged with thoughts they have in their mind about what to talk about what not to talk about, what kind of girl she is, if she’ll find this joke hilarious or think I’m a fucking loser. Why? Because we don’t understand women. If we did we’d know what to say every time. The more you study though the smarter you get so I’ll tell you I’m getting my masters soon. Why do you think the best of advice a guy gets from anyone he knows before a date is “just be yourself” well It’s because when you’re yourself you’re not thinking too much. When you’re looking to only  have sex and key point you can’t* control what you’re going to say or think then “just be yourself” is the best advice. But all the masters know that everything has to be tactical. I think I kind of went a lot of topic but I like what I wrote so i’ll just post it anyways and once again I know my grammar is great, Thank you.


It’s what we all dream about day and night, well at least most of us. BEING RICH. I don’t just dream of being rich I dream of being filthy rich. Me and my dad always have this argument that our generation believes that you can make it over night. I’m not sure if I believe, but I do want to live in that  fantasy that it’s possible. ( maybe I’ve just seen too many movies, most likely) It’s the fantasy that  I created something amazing  that I just wake up one morning and realized that I am not only an overnight superstar but I have millions in my bank, who the hell doesn’t want that. If you can’t fantasize then you really have nothing to look forward to. Even I never make it at all I know that you must try. Is an entrepreneur I will tell you that it is the scariest thing in the world. I’ve been working on a project that has been on my mind day and night on fire for months. Then one day I wake up and say to myself wow holy shit. What if I’m doing all this for nothing? What if all the money I’m investing goes to waist? Thank g-d I come back to my senses and the fire and passion I have for making this dream project a reality comes back to me and I tell myself even if I don’t make a cent and not one person is interested in it I fucking did it and I don’t regret shit because It would be worst for me not to do it and think later on you know I could have been rich with that idea. I mean it’s happened to basically everyone I know and most likely everyone you know, when they tell you fuck man I had that idea years ago I don’t know how I didn’t do that, I would have been rich. They think that oh I have the idea and that’s all it takes, I can make it a huge corporation tomorrow that buys a building next to google. I bet that 90% of people in this world that were presented the idea for Uber couldn’t even make it become a reality for so many reasons like mine for starters, doubt, or knowledge or funding, or balls. I do know that the goal for most men is to be that guy on the yacht fucking models and popping a champagne bottle that cost more than 5 tables cost at a club. Well if you have read any of my other articles you’d know by know that sex is kinda sorta a big part of my life if not entirely. For now if I’m not rich having a lot of sex keeps me pretty happy and I suggest that if you want to have a lot of sex for the guys out there go out and in the simplest way possible open your mouth.For all the entrepreneurs out there starting a company no matter if you have an innovation for dildos, stick to it and you’ll never think what if! Because I’m telling you just know that the fear of not doing sucks way more than doing and failing.

Mens Sex issues

Well before I begin writing it has been such a long time since I’ve written anything . Suddenly had the urge while coming across this thought.


Sometimes I wish I didn’t have the sex drive that I do. You might say it is a healthy and completely normal as a man my age, but I’m pretty sure that I am above the average. They say(and I don’t know who the fuck they are)that the more you use something the more mentally attached you are to it and speaking of sex I believe that couldn’t be more true. I kind of do believe that if I didn’t have sex for a while, its not that I wouldn’t think about it but I would become less dependent and think about it a lot less. Currently I am with several women and no I don’t think it is wrong because they all know I want nothing serious and that it is strictly an open relationship. I work for myself and I will tell you that their are and have been many days I didn’t work because I made plans to have sex. I think that this freedom I have with work is also a huge issue but I do believe that their are many men out there that are the exact same way I am. That brings me back to my thought, sometime I wish I didn’t have the sex drive that I do. I wish I could say I workout so that I could look good for myself, or that I could be healthy but no. Looking good for myself would be 20% the other 70 😉 would be for women. I wish I could say that I go out clubbing to enjoy the music and a drink with my friends and yes it might be 20% true but the other 70 😉 would be to have sex. I constantly ask myself why I go out clubbing till 5 in the morning when I can choose which girl I’m fucking and just stay home having sex with her, or why many nights I would waisted on a new woman or even a current one that wants to wait to have sex when I can just order a hooker fuck her for 5 minutes and get it through with. It’s all for the thrill. That possibility that you might end up on the roof top of a hotel in a jacuzzi with your good friend about to have a threesome(which did happen and the threesome was great). Not knowing what the outcome may be. Ya you might just go out and suddenly meet a model and fuck her, no matter how you look or how much money you have, it is such a wonder. Thats just it, if I stay home and call a girl Im already fucking theirs nothing new about it. We would have sex and thats it. It would definitely be better for my penis but would mentally be boring. Fear of missing out or FOMO is a huge deal with myself and many of my friends, that one night you decided not to go out and your friends brought back a bunch of hot girls and had a huge fucking orgy, possible but unlikely. But thats all that it takes, possibility. So I guess to sum it all up you can say, I’m fucked. I know my grammar is amazing, Thank You.


Women; something you can study your entire life and still have no clue whats going on behind closed doors. Ya Ya so every guy has his beliefs his theories but when it really comes down to it, no guy really understands them fully. I don’t even believe that women understand women. All my friends are single for the most part and like most other men, women are top priority. I recently tried to commit to celibacy, but after about three weeks I couldn’t hold it anymore. I’d tell my friends about it and they’d laugh thinking I couldn’t get laid, but that has never been the case if you have read my previous stories here. So they’d ask me why? And the only reason was so that I could clear my mind, rid my mind of all the sexual thoughts a man gets on a daily basis and really concentrate on becoming successful. This is a great point( I know) and some men can do it but, i’m just not one of them. I don’t need too much sex in my life, i’d say two to three times a week would be enough for me ; but iv’e realized that in order to live a healthy life you need sex period. Plain and simple it is something that you need to survive, I know some guys that would go out every single night trying to get laid. But obviously as we’ve heard a million times over everything in moderation. I go out twice a week, Thursday nights(ladies night) and Saturday nights(everyone’s night). I’ll be completely honest every conversation is pretty much the same. Where are you from, whats your nationality, how old are you(like it matters) blah blah blah. You must understand that women are very sophisticated, and what you believe will work on every woman won’t.  Okay, so obviously most woman will say their going out to “dance” or have “fun with their girlfriends” but if that right guy with the right amount of charm, and finesse(or whatever you think it takes to pick her up) walks up to her then she’s excused from her friends to leave with you. Although this is one hell of a mission it is doable. Like wolf packs they rarely allow a wolf to wonder alone without believing that it is a 100% the right guy. Their are all these techniques out their that are “proven” and the one I have come to believe in the most is ya, just be your self. Loosen up,  if she doesn’t want to sleep with you then just tell her to enjoy sleeping with her teddy bear and move on, their are a million other woman that would. “Woman are like a roller coaster they have their dramatic ups and dramatic downs so you must know when to hold on tight and when you can let loose, so lets all just try to enjoy the roller coaster”-me

Back at it- Topic of masturbation, ya.

Well I’m back here again, I started talking about many weird things that interested me and honestly it really kept me busy during class. Then I graduated and I stopped writing. I thought to myself why would I stop writing if I have many more interests and am very interesting. I’m hoping to receive some positive feedback from everyone Like I have been so far(chinese bow).  So I’m going to dive right into something I find interesting for a very long time as I am sure that everyone else has too….Masturbation. Yes Yes Yes I said it oh my g-d you might be shocked! It’s the thing that no one speaks of. The uprising of the vast porn industry and the place were most porn lives nowadays and will always live, the internet. Recently a friend of mine told me he had this really awkward conversation about masturbation with his parents and the very first thing I asked before he even started was please tell me how this topic even came to be with both of your parents?! Apparently someone in the family brought it up. He has a very open relationship with them so he admitly told his mother yes, I do it. I jerk off whats wrong with that? She began to get a lil angry saying how he’s disgusting how could he be doing such a thing that back in their times no one ever did that and that his father never ever did that yada yada yada. Sitting for dinner we both agreed that theirs no way in hell a man has never played with himself before. Since the beginning of time when the cavemen were hopping around wondering what the fuck everything was they held their penis’s in their hands and started playing; when they saw what happened and wahllla masturbating was born. To make it greater his dad later went to his room and told him I really never used to do it, as if it was something that was really wrong. I know that their aren’t many homes that are open like my friends and Im thankful for that because that must have been a very very very awkward conversation. What baffles me is that a man can have sexy twenty thirty times in a day and he feels such relief  the woman as well obviously, and come the next day you are just as horny if not hornier! ready for round two weather it be with her or another. Women on the other hand can honestly go without it and I believe it because I’ve spoken to many women about it. And I’ll tell you one thing alright it’s not the same with the human touch, emotion and some good music, sweat, moans. But at the end of the day women have us beat, what can I tell you my right hand does a good enough job but when was the last time you got into bed with a woman and she only gave you a hand job and you were satisfied?! I don’t care if she’s three time hand job champion of the world . They have us beat because they have dildos that look and feel pretty fuckin real and I think this may be a huge  factor. Many women play with themselves and almost none will admit it, why? Well obviously because its not socially acceptable. Also because if a woman tells you she plays with herself you may think oh man she’s is suck a freak, when really it may very well be the opposite or you might be right you never know. And Ok Ok for all the guys out their thinking oh well their are simulated vaginas… common, me personally I wouldn’t fuck a can with a silicone vagina in it. I’m always wondering why before I get into action, turn on the computer get everything set up I’m all excited like I’m about to jerk off, oh wait….And then like 2 min. go by I’m done and I feel so disgusted with myself. I’m holding my hand looking at it as if I just killed someone and I have blood on my hands…like OH g-d what have I done ahhh. It’s just that feeling of animality, why, why couldn’t I just hold myself till I did it with a hottie. Once in a while, alright. But it isn’t supposed to turn into a habit and for many it has. Don’t get me wrong I have sex i’d say twice a week and still. I think as humans we should just be more open, ladies give that next guy who walks up to you a shot instead of blowing him off immediately  and then going home and running to your vibrator. Imagine you couldn’t masturbate,  you couldn’t have an orgasim come nothing at all, what do you think would happen then? Ahhh fuck ya that’s what I’m talking about. Well, unfortunately we’re stuck in a world were their is.  Anyone has that easy way out, And it shouldn’t be that way! Get out their engage in conversations with someone who looks interesting to you and you might find you have many common interests* Pun Intended.

Smoking weed and women

So back when I would smoke every single day including holidays, everything tied to women was easier. First of all anxiety went right out the window, you don’t care what you say when you’re stoned out of your mind. If it’s on your mind you’re going to share and many times it’s probably the dumbest shit ever, and it’s hilarious because hey you’re high! Back then I’d meet a girl and the first thing i’d ask was, do you smoke? Most times it was yes and the next thing you knew we were bonding over a joint. It was an activity, something you both had in common and it made for an event. You can’t sit in your car parked by a lake and just listen to music without smoking some weed because then what the hell are you doing. For me smoking would make everything just a bit more interesting and exciting, and I could bare the nonsense that many times came out of girls mouths. I don’t exactly know what it was that made things more vibrant  but it was there. Then you quit smoking and you meet the alcoholics who instead of going to smoke a joint will tell you lets go for a drink which ends up being a 300 dollar bar tab. You’re thinking alright so she doesn’t smoke but now I have to drink my face off? It’s as if people lost the fun without some substance. Smoking also gave for a reason to meet up for women that in their mind wasn’t sexual. But we all know what’s happening after that joint is done. Nowadays I invite a girl over to come watch a movie and their immediate reaction is a movie? really? If I never smoked I probably wouldn’t have hung out and eventually banged half the girls I did. Why it’s this way well I wish I knew the full answer. The more weed you had to smoke the cooler you were. My new opinion is that if you’re the coolest guy sober guy in the room you’ve mastered the art. And what art is that?…I’ll let you figure it out.



Friendship. It’s not easy to come by a good friend. If you value friendship the way I do you’ll notice that many people don’t. No matter how you met, friendship is something that should be cherished just as much as your wife or girlfriend. Many people take friendship for granted, what they don’t realize is that there are so many people that wish they had a good friend but don’t have anyone. In my case I only have as many good friends as I do fingers. It’s also a huge misconception that you can only have good friends that you grew up with. A good friend can come at any age. People are scared of new friends because letting someone new into your life is not the easiest thing for some. I encourage new friendships because as you grow and your interests/beliefs change you will meet new people that have the same interests/beliefs. If you’ve had a best friend for some time, girlfriend or wife you have come to the conclusion that no two people on this earth will agree on everything and its irrational to believe otherwise. But, many times my friend’s have guided me and made me see things that I couldn’t. Friends will drag you to places you never imagined you’d go and then suddenly your’e there and you think to yourself wow I’m actually enjoying this . Then theres those friendships we know aren’t beneficial whatsoever but we still stick around because at the end of the day the person isn’t a bad person there just fucked up in the head so out of the kindness of my heart I try to help(druggies for instance). Many times when a friend does you a favor theres no better feeling then knowing that someone out there cares enough to go out of there way to do something kind for you. Who can you go to for advice in times of tribulation, your priest or rabbi? Uhh Ya. You can’t ever take a friend for granted and think your’e cooler then anyone. Be open to new people and you’ll see that they may have a lot to offer.





Music plays a huge role in every single persons life. Wether you know it or not your mood is very much controlled by what music you listen to. Almost everywhere you go you’ll find it. You walk into a doctors office, elevator, casino, gym, even clubs. It gets in our bones and makes us want to jump, scream, dance. It is expressions, tales, lessons in life and the truth of life. Music can change your life in many ways. You can be in the worst mood ever and play a favorite song and abracadabra! Magic. Something about silence that people aren’t comfortable with. Music dates back to 1723, I would have loved to party with those guys. It’s simple everything is more fun with music. For instance working out with music. It pumps me up and many times gives me that movie feel. The other day I was playing ping when my friend asked me if I wanted to put some music on, I said why not. Something in the music gave me a boost and did the opposite for him. Many parents don’t understand how their kids do homework with rock n’ roll on or electronic music, But a recent study concluded that no matter what type of music you listen to, the music you love most is the music you concentrate best with. It was often assumed that you needed to listen to library music like Beethoven to really get into concentration mode but it’s false. In every single movie what gives you that feeling of fear, suspense, happiness, sadness is all the music that’s chosen. A phrase I love “life is a movie without the background music.”  Wouldn’t it be awesome after closing a business deal or acing that project, to walk out and have some heavy rock n’roll playing in the background. Sex, oh sex. Well if you’ve been on my site before you know I’m a big fan. There are a few types of moods during sex you can have and music will set them. Picture sex to R&B, Motown, Rock, House, Hip Hop, even Country damnit I’m sure someone out there does it. In movies most times they’ll play R&B and Motown something like Marvin Gaye- Lets get it on and I don’t blame them it gives that sexy romantic feeling(plus the title of the song says it all). Music will amplify  any situation and should be enjoyed everywhere and anywhere possible, responsibly. Batteries sold separately.




So everyone thinks it’s the hottest where they live…little do they know. Just a few temperatures around America.



Phoenix, Arizona- 111 ˚F with 40% humidity

Death Valley, California- 127 ˚F with 19% humidity

Las Vegas, Nevada- 113 ˚F with 20% humidity

Tucson, Arizona- 104 ˚F with 55% humidity

Miami, Florida- 88 ˚F with 90% humidity


Why the left has it all wrong

Why is our government so keen on going after its own people? It seems every day I hear about a new tax or some ridiculous regulation making it harder for new businesses and prosperity to thrive. The left is focused on social justice, they want to take the existing pie too and redistribute it. These people have no interest in finding ways to bring people out of poverty and into the middle class. They are determined to punish success to fundamentally change this great country: from opportunity to welfare. First they will go after religion and most of you would wonder why, as you should. Religion, regardless of which one you practice, was a core piece in the creation of our beloved constitution. A fact remains, as our Declaration of Independence states ” We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights, among these rights are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, that to secure these rights governments are instituted among men.” Why is this relevant?  People on the left are so determined to take g-d (our creator) out of the picture, they want you and I to believe that our rights or lives were not a g-d-given right. They want us to believe that government is the reason you have food on the table, clothing on your back, healthcare. It doesn’t matter whether you believe in g-d or not, what matters is that our very freedom comes from the essence that our rights were not given as a gift from king nor government, that we were born with these rights, and government is a necessary evil to protect our rights. Which leads us to the fundamental argument: What role do you believe government should play in our lives?-Dan’s Guest Writer

Today’s funniest Tweets

Every nigga a gangster until he walk through a spider web.— Katt WilIiams


Some people might as well post ‘Wants Attention’ as their Facebook status. — Will Ferrell


I saw a fat lady with a “M.O.B.” tattoo on her arm. I asked “money over b*tches?” She said “No, McDonalds over Burger King. — Martin Lawrence ®


I wish Google maps had an “Avoid Ghetto” route option— Vince Vaughn